The Wholesale Formula Course

What is Included in the Wholesale Formula Course?

Last year, The Wholesale Formula release was a huge success and was able to help many students make their dreams come true and find out everything they needed to know about wholesaling.

Here is what will be covered in TWF 2023 Edition.

TWF 2023 The Wholesale Formula Module 1 The Wholesale Formula Reviews

Module 1: It’s time to start

This module teaches everyone what it takes to do something that they call “the Reverse Sourcing Wholesale” technique. It also teaches students the basics, such as setting up a Amazon FBA account.

Module 2: Product Analysis will show you the difference between good products and products to avoid.

Module 3: Scouting, which gets much deeper into finding wholesale products that will sell. Scouting is an extremely important step that will provide you with tips, ideas and a foundation that can be used for years to come. Learning these techniques will help you to succeed.

Module 4: Value Propositions, which will cover how to promote your product with Amazon Ads, how to create a website to send traffic to, how to optimize your product pages and much more.

Module 5: Sourcing, which covers the exact blueprint that Dan and Dylan use to reach out to wholesale companies, what exactly to say, how to open wholesale accounts, how to negotiate to get lower prices and how to correctly estimate sales to ensure that you never run out of inventory.

The Wholesale Formula also offers a private Facebook Group, which is a key element of the program. Being able to talk with others, exchange ideas, ask questions and make friends will help launch you to great success.

Lastly, there will be bonus training on how to find a Virtual Assistant to train so you can be as “hands free” as possible, once you learn and master The Wholesale Formula Course.

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost have teamed up with the internet marketing master Jason Fladlien. If you know anything about Jason Fladlien, when he’s involved in a course, it is always the best information out there. I have been following Jason Fladlien since the beginning of his career when he started out in the Warrior Forum, and I know for a fact that Jason releases the best content to be found online.

Let’s take your Amazon FBA Business to the next level. Do you have more questions about The Wholesale Formula. Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions page here.